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You can build daily forecasts, monthly or quarterly budgets, as well as long-term plans. You can do financial consolidation, run profitability analysis. Quantrix allows you to create interactive reports and dashboards.

Yes, one Quantrix model file can replace hundreds of spreadsheets. You save time and reduce costs.

Let's assume you need to calculate P&L for several business units. You do not copy and paste the structure and logic of the P&L into new sheets to calculate P&L for each unit. Instead of generating countless sheets you create a cube where structure and calculation logic of P&L shared across all business units. You write significantly less formulae (sometimes thousand times less) compared to Excel. One Quantrix formula works across all months, projects, regions, scenarios, etc.

Your write formula in a normal language, like Revenue = Amount * Price. Formula is not cell based and written separately from data. There is a full set of functions which you can use in the formula.

Select the last year and press Enter. A new year will be added to your current report and in every report where you have Year category. So, you do not need to manually add a new year in each of your financial reports or assumptions like in Excel. You do not need to write additional formula for a new year, because existing formula works for all years.

Let's assume you have a base scenario. To add a new scenario just select base scenario and press Enter. Add assumptions for a newly created scenario and that is it. You do not need to create a new file, write new formula or copy data like in Excel.

Yes, you can import csv file and export to xls file. You can also save your report als pdf file. You can connect to sql database and import or push data.

Yes, you can bring actual data to your model and compare it to your budget side by side. You can use historical data for planning purposes.

Desktop application Quantrix Modeler costs 2600 USD per year and user (as of Jan 2024). For Quantrix Qloud pricing please contact us.

No, with the Quantrix Modeler license you have all functionality required for decision making.

If you like to share your model you can publish it to cloud. Also your colleagues can enter input data to your model on cloud. You can setup automatic regular updates of your data.

No, you can use it in any business.

You can download free full version of Quantrix Modeler valid for 30 days. Just fill this form.

You can check videos online, sample models in Help > Sample models or sign up for our 2-day intensive training course. You do not need scripting or IT support to create your models in Quantrix. Only thing you need - think outside the cell.

We are authorized Quantrix Partner. We can provide you with the best offer according to your needs. We have over 10 years of consulting experience with Quantrix software combined with 20 years international business experience.

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